Verseo Hair Removal Review

Published On September 20, 2015 | By Daeseg Esage | Beauty Products

Getting rid of undesirable locks are difficult along with a extended process. Shaving, waxing or plucking your hair are currently a part of our regime. Permanent means much like electrolysis is costly if handled by specialists. Verseo have designed a method that’s less costly.

Verseo, Corporation. is really a New You are able to founded manufacturer that concentrates strictly within the engineering and manufacturing of superior beauty and health items which are fashioned to provide real methods to real people.

Verseo’s hair remover is probably the highly effective discomfort-free and permanent hair removals and affordable solutions which remove undesirable hair without any discomfort or needles. You are able to operate it in various parts of the body, face, upper lip, eye brows, bikini line, back, and legs. It is a home laser hair removal treatment that provides similar method employed by specialized spas and centers.

Verseo’s ePen will treat one hair at any given time employing galvanic engineering, which transports electric energy towards the hair hair follicles to ensure that it’ll decelerate hair regrowth. Brine that’s present at the bottom of hair follicle evolves to sodium hydroxide when electrolytic action transpires and when it happens, it impairs the main considerably stopping new hair growth. It’s a fantastic choice for painless and permanent laser hair removal where results could be achieved after one treatment with no discomfort of electrolysis or the price of waxing.

Verseo also provides ePad, which utilizes exactly the same galvanic technology medically shown to eliminate hair permanently. Will get eliminate hair on your face, styles eye brows, upper lip, legs, bikini line and back. Self-adhesive body patches remove hair from wider parts. Low pulses of very harmless electrical power undertake a conductive gelatinized pads, getting rid of your hair growth tissue within the follicle, departing you with soft, smooth legs, armpits, bikini lines and upper lips. Also, includes a computerized buzzer/timer, built-in skin sensor for conductivity, and Brought indicator light.

Verseo also introduces their eGlide, the earth’s first Curler Electrolysis System. Its cutting-edge system has a distribution apparatus that equally redirects a light discomfort-free galvanic current towards the skin penetrating your hair base to kill hair follicle leading to permanently smooth and stubble-free skin.

Using the affordable Verseo Electrolysis System, no longer concerning the difficult outings to spas along with the numerous waxing and shaving. It is all about your privacy and being hair-free by yourself terms and also at enhanced comfort of your home.

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