Discovering the Best Dog Harness for Your Dog

Published On May 27, 2017 | By Daeseg Esage | Shopping

Like most other pet owners, you probably use a regular collar and leash for your dog, which might not seem like a bad idea. However, for large dogs and certain smaller breeds, a collar can be a dangerous choice. In this post, we will talk about the need for a dog harness and how you can find the best one for your beloved pooch.

The basics about harnesses

Collars might be cheaper, but can exert a lot of pressure on the neck. For smaller dogs, this can be an unsafe thing in many ways, mainly because the animal can choke instantly. Breeds like pug have a small nose, and they already have quite a few breathing issues. The last thing you would want is an unexpected accident. As for bigger dogs, it’s all about muscular power. Big dogs run behind everything that moves, and if they pull too hard, you can trip and fall too. And in case you try to pull back, it is likely that the animal might choke. A harness does away with all these worries. Along with a strap around the neck, there is a second strap around the torso, which distributes the force exerted on the leash. Some of the harnesses even have a third strap on the lower back.

Dog Harness for Your Dog2

How to pick one?

Dog harnesses have different features, but these almost function in the same way. If you are buying one for a small dog, any standard harness will do the job. Keep in mind that the measurements are extremely important. Check the size of your dog’s neck and torso and buy a harness that’s slightly bigger, so that the straps don’t cling to the skin. The best dog harness for larger breeds is a no-pull one. These harnesses fasten a little when the dog tries to pull and will put a pressure on the frontal armpits. If you are looking for no-pull harnesses, it is always wise to go for an option that’s made of quality material. You might also want to check the overall style of the harness, so as to understand the fit better.

Dog Harness for Your Dog

For the best prices, internet retailers are your best bet. Make sure that you invest in a good harness that will last a few years without any need for replacement. Also, you need to use the collar sometime or the other, so that the dog is used to both.


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